meze rai penta vs solaris

6/3/2019 · Now Meze is back with their flagship IEM, the Rai Penta and that’s what we’re looking at today in this review. Rai Penta According to Meze Audio, the Rai Penta is the culmination of 3 years of researching the most ergonomic shape and most vivid / lifelike sound for a Universal IEM.


MEZE RAI PENTA:來自羅馬尼亞的1圈4鐵入耳式耳機,2019年新作以「天然」無添加為賣點,就如某快餐店的宣傳口號一樣:點都唔落味精!製作人Antonio堅持製作一款還原度高、無過度渲染,令人聽得舒適的耳機,喜歡「親親大自然」的你,要留意以下開箱

5/3/2019 · Went back to the Meze booth to compare the Rai Penta to the Solaris. To put things in perspective for my comparison, I used an A&K SR15, stock cables for both the Rai Penta and Solaris, and the same silicon tips on both IEMs (got them at Meze, T400, and

6/2/2020 · Campfire Audio Solaris VS Meze Audio Rai penta Even 我去試機時, Solaris 既bass 就無Rai Penta 來得厚, Rai Penta 既聲好Pure, Solaris 就相對地帶少少味精, 不過, 始終每個品牌都有自己既調音, 要自己感受先知啱唔啱自己.

The Rai Penta has a very flat sound, I read that Meze use 1 Dynamic + 4 balance amateur. Wow, the bass rumble but not too overwhelming and big. Bass is extremely good control, almost as good as QDC VX. I also tried my Solaris (with Z1R cable of course

Top responsesHi reddit I am back, Yesterday I post about my JDS Atom review and read the commentsit is interesting topic. Today, I read some headfi talk about this iem called  read more12 votesSeems to fit your ears perfectly. I haven’t yet found an IEM about which I can say the same for myself.4 votesI really liked QDC VX but felt it had slightly sibilant upper mids. Z1R mids were just bad. If Meze Rai Penta can do mids better than Solaris without stepping  read more4 votesHow do you compare them to CFA Andro? From your description I feel like the penta is the hybrid Andro.2 votesI really love your reviews!2 votesCan anybody compare these to the sony ier-m9?1 vote查看全部

6/3/2019 · I ju auditioned the Rai Penta- I felt it had way too much bass, even compared to my CA Solaris. I used my Chord Mojo/Poly in both cases (Rai Penta vs Solaris) using the same tracks and listening at the same volume. Not for me


1/2/2020 · Meze’s Rai Penta put a pair of Harbeths in your pocket! John Darko Loading Unsubscribe from John Darko? Solaris, Polaris II & Andromeda – Duration: 19:52. John Darko 29,367 views 19:52

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6/3/2019 · According to Meze Audio, the Rai Penta work effortlessly with any device due to its low impedance and high sensitivity but to truly enjoy the potential of its painstakingly tuned driver array, they recommend a high resolution source. As you know by now the Rai


A short film about the Meze Rai Penta Raspberry Pi audio streaming 101 Spendor: the Classic 1/2 vs. the D7.2 Previous Next in Headphones, Video A short film about Campfire Audio’s Solaris, Polaris II

The Meze’s earshell is smaller than the Solaris and closer in size to the Andromeda. However, with its gently sculpted pebble-like look and feel, shorn of clean lines and sharper edges, the Rai Penta is the most comfortable of three. This should be every would-be

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26/3/2019 · 來自羅馬尼亞的 Meze 成立至今只有 10 個年頭,已在耳機界有一定的知名度。創辦人兼產品設計師 Antonio Meze 堅持追求自然音色,這款 Rai Penta 高階入耳式耳機,無論外殼用料和內部結構都很講究,早前測試階段在試聽會給不少耳機迷試聽,並聽取他們的意見,經過多年反覆調整與測試。

The $1099 Rai Penta is the subject at hand, and this unit was provided on loan by Kitsune Hifi, who are also known as Holo Audio USA, and are a Meze Audio dealer and currently one of the few places in the world to order these in stock.

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