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This is Rossiyana Markovskaya, a stunning 27 year old woman who was appointed to be a spokesperson for the Russian Military. 2. Aside from her official role with the government, she is also known for her love of posting photos of herself on Instagram. 3.

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Several users claimed the picture was uploaded by ex-journalist Rossiyana Markovskaya – A Bond Girl-style beauty who likes to tease her fans with saucy pics on Instagram. In one she is seen

Just to be clear, the picture to the right with the woman holding the weapon is not the picture in question. Some believe the woman in the picture, holding the weapon, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Rossiyana Markovskaya, is the same as the nudie self

Rossiyana Markovskaya, 26, bears an uncanny resemblance to Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green, from Casino Royale with her deep blue eyes and brown hair. The stunner has been appointed political spokesperson for Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu.

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馬可芙絲卡亞 – 俄羅斯正妹發言人Rossiyana Markovskaya、女神級正妹高顏值任國防部發言人美到被網友狂搜 點此有更多的女神、正妹! (平日每日更新) 姓名:馬可芙絲卡亞 英文:Rossiyana Markovskaya 生日:1991年 出生地:俄羅斯海參崴

Russia is in the news, not for any Kremlin-related development, but for a different reason. The newly-appointed spokeswoman for the country’s Ministry of Defence, Rossiyana Markovskaya, has become a social media sensation due to, what her fans and followers

許多國家政府會透過社群平台和民眾互動,尤其使用臉書和Instagram更屬大宗,因此發布每一個動態或是照片都得相當謹慎。4日俄羅斯國防部的官方IG發布了一則限時動態,內容竟是一張裸女露點自拍照,引起熱議,儘管當下已被刪除,但眾人推測裸女可能就是最美發言人羅西亞娜(Rossiyana Markovskaya)。

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1991年出生的羅希雅娜(Rossiyana Markovskaya),來自海參崴,遠東聯邦大學(Far Eastern Federal University)畢業後曾在廣播公司工作,且曾在國營電視台擔任科技線記者及主播工作,因此被高層相中,讓俄羅斯國防部長紹伊古(Sergei Shoigu)欽點為新任國防

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매력적인 러시아의 『국방 큐티 (Defence Cutie)』 Mandy Velez Wed, Nov 22 3:27 GMT + 9 반응 좋아요 표시하려면 로그인 Tumblr에 대한 Reblog 몫 짹짹 이메일 인터넷은 러시아 국방 장관 Sergey Shoigu의 새로운 개인 대변인 인 Rossiyana Markovskaya에 사로

A STUNNING World Cup ambassador has told England they don’t need to fear brutal Russian hooligans when they arrive next year. “The level of security in Russia during the World Cup will be extremely high” Victoria Lopyreva Blonde beauty Victoria Lopyreva

The Russian Ministry of Defense owns 「TV channel 「Zvezda」 Zvezda is a Russian nationwide TV network. As of January 2008, Zvezda’s CEO was Grigory Krichevsky, previously known for his work on Vladimir Gusinsky’s NTV Channel in the late 1990s. Owner

The Donald Trump administration has ordered the US military to start withdrawing roughly 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, a move that is likely to plunge the war-torn country further into chaos. President Trump made the decision to pull out the troops — about half the

Summary: Cold War II steadily gains momentum, despite having almost no basis in reality. Here we review a few of the many articles debunking this propaganda campaign. Let’s

Ovechkin tells the interviewer, Rossiyana Markovskaya, that he enjoys gifts of stuffed toy sheep from his fans. (Ovechkin’s last name Ovechka means sheep.) The network thought it would be appropriate to present him with a live sheep because that’s not a reckless

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